Hey, want to try making your own Karaoke from any youtube track? Check out some samples on our new beta website Pruthak (which means 'to separate') to split a track into vocals, drums, bass, piano!

About this site

The pages on this website are created by importing the ASCII itrans song files and putting them all in database. I am working on creating interfaces for people to correct the pages.

Contact me if you have any suggestions/ideas.


  • Automatic transliteration from ITRANS lyrics to unicode. (This is a bootstrapping step, once all lyrics are reasonably converted, ascii text will be archived and removed! Unfortunately automatic transliteration for movie names and singer/lyricist/stars is not done as they are not entered as consistently in ITRANS!). This is where community could help.
  • Full cross-reference: movie to songs to people.
  • Discussion threads for each song/movie/person

Todo / Limitations :

  • Fix database inconsistencies - Same name spelt differently is counted seperately. Different movies with the same name got merged together. Work on community admin features is in progress.
  • Automatic import from r.m.i.m newsgroup
  • Automatic import from other websites