Welcome to the ITRANS Song Book for Hindi / Urdu Songs

This site is a consolidation of several ISB sites available on the world wide web. Currently, only the ASCII version of the songs is given. The ASCII text is in ITRANS compatible format.

As usual, we have a bunch of new songs with this release. Also, we have several new Biographic profiles. One request that has been often made in the past is now met with this release - the Alphabetical & Devnagari index pages give the .isb file name in addition to the running serial number.

Several iTRANS corrections have been made and there has been a further standardization of spellings and transliteration conventions to make the data more consistent. This should go some way in making the Devnagari index more usable.

This updated release of The Consolidated ISB features a combination search enhancement that allows you to search for songs sung by both of two named singers. If you enter "Rafi" alone, the system lists all songs sung by Rafi - solos, duets, trios and higher order songs. If you enter Rafi as the first singer and Lata as the second singer, it lists all songs - duets, trios and other higher order songs that feature both of these voices.

It is with great pleasure that one notes the resurgence of the ISB - three mirror sites to The Consolidated ISB and three independent sites using the same basic .isb data with Devnagari versions as well bodes well for the future of this collaborative effort.

It has been a privilege and a source of pride to be associated with this undertaking and the next release should further strengthen this web resource that all of us share and return to time and again.

This site prepared & maintained by K Vijay Kumar